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Panama City


Spring Break Tips with Kids and The Best Instagram Spots in Panama City Beach!

Heading to the white sandy shores of Panama City Beach for Spring Break? Or maybe just a beach vacation?  You’re in for a treat! With crystal clear waters, powdery white sand, piers, and delicious food there are so many great Instagramable photo spots in Panama City Beach. Here I’ll cover the best of them!  Since we’re towing along two little ones on this adventure, I’ll also share some of my beach vacation tips when traveling with kids.

We drove in to Panama City for this Spring Break which made it easier to bring along the necessities that I prefer when traveling to a beach vacation as a family. 

Traveling with Kids Tip #1: Whenever possible, bring your own towels.

I’m not afraid of using the available towels at hotels, Airbnbs or resorts.  I simply prefer to have my own towels handy because it makes it easier to mark our territory.  We go down early to snag our pool or beach spot and the non-conformed towels make it so much easier for others to know the space is taken – and you don’t have to leave behind any other valuables this way.  Plus, our own towels are usually more absorbent and soft than those provided which is a big plus.

Instagramable Spots at Pier Park in Panama City Beach – #1: Russell-Fields City Pier

Pier Park is one of Panama City Beach’s biggest attractions, with 124 shops, a Ferris Wheel, and close proximity to the beach. We decided to stay near the Pier since it offered so many great options for entertainment with the little ones.  The first instagramable stop is right outside Russell-Fields City Pier where they love to serve drinks in hollowed out pineapples.  The drink will run you $13+ but an adorable drink from an adorable beach shack is always worth it!

Instagramable Spots at Pier Park in Panama City Beach – #2: Under Russell-Fields City Pier

After stopping for that delicious frozen cocktail (or mocktail), bring your party drink down to the beach and get a shot under the pier! You can play with the angles and sunlight when under the pier.  Whether you choose sunrise or sunset this pier makes for some great shots.

Instagramable Spots at Pier Park in Panama City Beach – #3: SkyWheel

The SkyWheel is located at Pier Park.  It makes for so many great photos. The kids won’t mind the wait to get on the Ferris heel as they watch in amazement with each turn.  It’s also a fun way to look out over almost all of Panama City Beach! The wheel turns around a few times and stops for a few minutes at the top on your last spin. If you’re afraid of heights, you can also get a photo outside of the SkyWheel, capturing the whole Ferris Wheel in your shot.

Traveling with Kids Tip #2: A beach shovel goes a long way!

We have probably purchased 10 beach shovels in our short lifetime with kids and it was worth it every single time. You don’t need more than the shovels as there’s so much fun to be had with big beach trenches and massive towers. Of course, adding a few castles, starfishes and other little building materials will only help.  With older kids, we make up little competitions or turn on slow-motion video recording to have them do fun leaps and jumps into or over their newest creations.

Instagramable Spots in Panama City Beach – #4: Firefly

If you’re looking for the most adorable night and delicious meal, this restaurant does a great job of bringing the magic of outdoor dining inside. They have a dreamy lit-up tree inside and each table centerpiece is a handmade wine bottle filled with more adorable lights. Firefly serves up delicious food as well. You’ll find a mix of sushi and American dishes with a great wine list. Fun fact: their signature grouper dish was served to US Olympians at the London Games!

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