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Meet the Family

Get to know the Family


Hey I’m Jimmy! I’m currently CEO & President of Premium Seats USA, loving husband to Lena but my most cherished title of all is being Riley and Brayden’s dad.

Before we began our Sieg The World adventures, I attended Florida State University.  I had a little too fun during my first few years in Tallahassee and soon relocated to Florida International University in Miami where I studied and graduated with a Bachelors in Hospitality Management. 

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Hi I’m Lena! Generally speaking, I let Jimmy think he’s wearing the CEO hat but let’s be real, we all know who’s really steering the ship!
I was born in Fort Polk, Louisiana where my father was stationed as a Captain in the United States Army. After a few years on the road, my family settled into Felton, Delaware where I checked into just about every extracurricular activity you can think of – swimming, running, softball, girl scouts, marching band, served as Class President, elected as Miss Homecoming – you name it, I probably did it!

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Hi I’m Riley!  My friends call me “Ri, Ri” or “Riwee”.  Ever since I was little, my parents have taken me on adventures across the United States and a few countries.  When I turned one they got me my first passport and took me to Turks and Cacaos to celebrate.  I don’t remember much so I’m not sure if the celebration was more for them or for me 😉

Since then I’ve been to Mexico four times, the Bahamas five times and event up to Canada for a Miami Heat playoff game.

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Hi I’m Brayden!  I love napping on airplanes and boats.  I wake up in all sorts of new different places but I’ve always got my mom, dad and big brother nearby so I’m as happy as a baby shark! 

Speaking of baby sharks…. My parents were planning my 2nd birthday when the pandemic hit.  Mom quickly learned how to bake a cake because she was forced to cancel my big baby shark party since we were hunkered down at home until the earth started feeling better.  Since then I’ve learned to talk, worked on perfecting going to the potty as a big boy and learned how to run away from my parents when they call my name.

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