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Meet Lena


Hi I’m Lena! Generally speaking, I let Jimmy think he’s wearing the CEO hat but let’s be real, we all know who’s really steering the ship!

I was born in Fort Polk, Louisiana where my father was stationed as a Captain in the United States Army. After a few years on the road, my family settled into Felton, Delaware where I checked into just about every extracurricular activity you can think of – swimming, running, softball, girl scouts, marching band, served as Class President, elected as Miss Homecoming – you name it, I probably did it! It was apparent early on that I would have a hard time “letting grass grow under my feet” as my grandmother still says.

After graduation, I headed to the University of Miami with a academic scholarship and a spot on the swim team.  Miami is where I built a deep passion and love for experiencing new cultures and trying new things.  I traveled with every opportunity.  I went to all the events Miami had to offer and if there was a new food to try – I was right at the front of the line.

I started in ticketing in 2007 where I was introduced to Jimmy.  Our college football rivalry (Miami Hurricanes vs. Florida State Seminoles) brought us together.  Jimmy proposed in 2009 when I joined Premium Seats USA and we hit the ground running on the business and an adventured filled life together.

We’re so thankful for this time together on the road as a family and look forward to sharing our journey with you!

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