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Best advice to those traveling to South Africa for Safari with small children


From tips, tricks, where to stay – we’ve got you covered 🦒🐅🐘

First, traveling with children is always a bit intimidating.

There are very serious concerns with traveling to some countries with or without small children and it’s important that you do your research and if possible consult with an expert.

Not only did we want to better understand the risk of malaria, but In South Africa, ransom kidnappings are on the rise. 

As a parent, you read one headline like this and you’re on HIGH alert.

Through our membership with Entrepreneur Organization (EO) South Florida, we are connected to hundreds of like minded individuals who share experiences and contacts.

That’s how we got hooked up with a luxury safari agency who is based in the USA but it’s family operated with staff who grew up in South Africa and frequent back often. And boy was working with a travel agent absolutely bliss. {Comment below if you want a referral to our travel agent}

They took out all the fear from planning this vacation and considered all the important details so we didn’t have to.

We love planning our own trips, but sometimes leaning on experts in unfamiliar territory can be ultra rewarding.

If you saw our Cape Town stories, you’ll know that it was an epic start to our South Africa experience. However, from the moment we transitioned to “Safari mode” life in the motherland went to the next level!

The private plane onto safari was pretty dreamy…. We watched antelope as we landed and after meeting our safari guide and tracker we were then greeted by our first animal encounter.

The entire ride to the lodge was magical. We joked that Duane kept calling for the team to let out the next batch of animals like in Jurassic Park.  It was incredible!

Ok, on to Safari accommodations 

We opted for a malaria-free game reserve as we wanted to steer clear of taking anti-malarial medication. Another big request we had was private game drives. With kiddos in tow we knew we wanted to be on our own schedule and skip the crowds.

Meet the perfect multi-generational game reserve in malaria free Madikwe. This place was INCREDIBLE!!

Morukuru only has three accommodations available on the reserve. We stayed at the 3-bedroom River House which is as large as it is gorgeously decorated and cared for.

Experienced personal Chef, butler, housekeepers, safari guide and tracker, provide you with the ultimate luxury safari experience! 

The staff sets up unique dining locations inside and outside the house at every meal.  We had a private pool for afternoon dips and you can even arrange for an under the stars bubble bath. Oh and a massage therapist on call for your entire stay. They literally thought of everything!

Our little safari family greeted us after every game drive.  The couple who hosted us Anadia and Duane were amazing. 

They were kind, thoughtful and absolutely incredible with our little kiddos.  Anadia even watched Brayden for a few hours while mom got a massage treatment and the big boys were off on a fishing adventure.

Duane and (tracker) were so skilled in their craft.  We saw 4 of the Big 5 plus Cheetahs!  Each turn was met with more information and we loved watching their eyes light up when they think they’ve tracked the latest and greatest specimen they will show off.

{Sensitive Content}

Probably the least useful piece of information we learned but certainly the most stomach turning, was that you can find termite in dry elephant dung…. And guess what, if you’re hungry Bear Grillis style, you can even eat them.  Just ask @theticketpimp and #thelifeofbraydenjames.  Riley and I were the only smart ones that took Duane’s word for it!

Here was our Safari Daily Schedule at @morukuru_family_madikwe

🤍Early wake up between 5-6am

🤍Quick coffee, tea and snack

🤍Safari Game Drive 6am-10am


🤍Free time to enjoy the house & amenities (pool, spa, scenery, fishing, board games)

🤍Lunch snacks around 2pm

🤍More free time

🤍Afternoon Safari Game Drive 4pm until dark

🤍Dinner & drinks before an early bedtime (usually no later than 10pm)

*Ok so we also snuck in some Uno and Monopoly Junior

Our final night with our Morukuru family was INCREDIBLE.  We had a bush dinner that we will never forget. 

The scenery was magical.  Every breath was uplifting.  All we could do was soak in the moment, cherish the trip, count our blessings, and be thankful for each other.

Minus the small Elephant scare….

Best night on safari hands down!

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