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Meet Brayden


Hi I’m Brayden!  I love napping on airplanes and boats and my friends call me Bray Bray. 

I wake up in all sorts of new different places but I’ve always got my mom, dad and big brother nearby so I’m as happy as a baby shark! 

Speaking of baby sharks…. My parents were planning my 2nd birthday when the pandemic hit.  Mom quickly learned how to bake a cake because she was forced to cancel my big baby shark party since we were hunkered down at home until the earth started feeling better. 

Since then I’ve learned so much!  Every day is a new adventure and even though we’re “back to normal”, my parents have prioritized family travel and I’m here for all the most challenging adventures.  You know, the kind most kids my age wouldn’t dare try!

We’ve already visited some really beautiful places but my favorite so far is the Colorado mountains. That’s where I saw Trey Anastasia at my first summer concert.  I’m looking forward to more concerts, sporting events but mainly just time with my family.  Spending time with them is my favorite thing in the whole wide world.

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